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Cherrie Ann Lapig
Cherrie Ann Lapig

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple that comes back to you.

– Unknown

Cherrie Ann Lapig is a native of Manila Philippines. After completing her college degree in Pampanga, Philippines Cherrie Ann had a blossoming career in sales. This sales position created additional opportunities worldwide. Cherrie Ann lived in Florence, Italy for six years where she was a top sales associate selling luxury jewelry. During her long career in sales, she developed a strong desire to assist others and honed her skills in customer service. This skill set translated well into her change into the legal field.

Cherrie Ann started her career at The Valley Law Group as a Client Care Specialist where she assisted with intaking processes. As a quick study, Cherrie Ann was a sponge when it came to learning the legal process, discovery rules, court procedures, legal writing, etc. It was a smooth and natural transition when she was promoted to a paralegal with The Valley Law Group.

In her free time, Cherrie Ann loves to travel and cook.

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