The Valley Law Group Opens Two New Locations

The Valley Law Group Opens Two New Locations
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The Valley Law Group is thrilled to announce that the firm has opened two new offices located in Peoria and Scottsdale. Our formidable family law team continues to serve clients out of our primary Phoenix office as well as our other major office in Gilbert, which opened last year. With the need for family law services growing and the demand for our skilled representation at an all-time high, we’ve decided to expand our reach in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

The Valley Law Group’s new offices in Maricopa County are comparatively smaller than our initial locations. As a result, we provide legal support to these communities’ families by appointment only. This ensures your most critical family law issues are met with the attentive, dedicated legal counsel they deserve.

Peoria Family Law Attorney

What a Peoria Family Law Attorney Can Do for You

The Valley Law Group’s new Peoria office is located at 16165 N. 83rd Avenue, Ste. 200. Peoria, a major Salt River Valley suburb west of Phoenix, is an ideal location for our firm and our clients alike. Clients seek the legal services of a Peoria family attorney for numerous reasons, including many issues that must be skillfully handled during the divorce process.

Matters Within Divorce and Legal Separation

The qualified and knowledgeable legal team at The Valley Law Group is proud to serve families from varying backgrounds and circumstances. We ensure that our approach to family law focuses on each client’s unique needs and goals. At our Peoria office, family attorneys are well-equipped to manage simple and high-asset divorces, same-sex divorces, legal separation, and even marriage annulments.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients as they face highly contested divorces that require courtroom litigation, typically when the other spouse is unwilling to negotiate or uncompromising in resolving various matters. However, while we are skilled litigators, we take pride in helping clients avoid lengthy divorce trials via alternative dispute resolution. Our family attorneys are a valuable resource for separating couples who are seeking to resolve their divorce outside of court with mediation or collaborative divorce.

The divorce process is unique to each case but the same topics must be addressed, including the division and allocation of assets and debt between the spouses, whether there will be spousal maintenance (alimony), and custody and support measures for any children. The Valley Law Group also handles appeal cases for any court order, as well as the enforcement of divorce decrees and other related orders or agreements.

Finally, the Valley Law Group’s new Peoria location will continue to assist clients experiencing domestic abuse before, during, and after divorce, including court-ordered protections.

Marital Agreements and Other Family Law Services

Marital Agreements and Other Family Law Services

Compassionate and honest family attorneys at The Valley Law Group help families during divorce and separation, guiding them as their family dynamic and future change to begin anew. Simultaneously, our family law firm also assists clients in preparing for their future by drafting and approving marital agreements. Marital agreements include prenuptials, which are made prior to marriage, and postnuptial agreements, for couples who have already officially married but wish to feel prepared for any potential eventualities.

No couple ever plans on divorcing as they prepare to marry, but prenuptial and postnuptial agreements can be a wise precautionary step to take. They enable the couple to collaborate and decide how property will be divided and other important matters while they’re amicable towards one another. Attorneys ensure that each spouse finds the terms fair.

Our law office in Peoria provides clients with professional counsel and legal representation in several other areas as well, including child custody agreements, child support orders, establishing paternity, rights of grandparents or third parties, guardianship, adoption, modifications to any previous court orders, and more.

Scottsdale Family Law Attorney

Counsel and Legal Services From a Scottsdale Family Law Attorney

The Valley Law Group is now available by appointment at our new Scottsdale office, located at 7702 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd, Suite 300. This picturesque desert city east of Phoenix is also subject to Maricopa County jurisdiction. Our Scottsdale family attorneys are ready to help you and other families throughout the community with divorce, child custody, child support, juvenile law, and a host of other family law matters.

Child Custody Agreements and Support Payments

The professional, compassionate family law team at The Valley Law Group understands that legal issues can be daunting. We know that cases involving family matters can be especially overwhelming since they involve such sensitive and emotionally charged issues. Determining child custody is no exception to this; our skilled family attorneys can guide the way as proceedings address the many aspects you and your spouse must resolve within your custody agreement.

These may include:

  • Where and with whom the child will reside, and for how long (parenting time)
  • The caregiving responsibilities of each parent
  • The degree of critical decision-making authority each parent has regarding their child
  • Rights of grandparents and third parties

Our law firm also provides support for clients seeking help with establishing paternity, child and parent relocation, enforcing child support orders, and modifications to previous custody agreements concerning the arrangements for parenting time and decision-making.

Matters in Juvenile Law

At our Scottsdale office, The Valley Law Group handles more than marriage dissolution and separation issues, such as uncontested and contested divorces, alternative dispute resolution (e.g., mediation, collaborative divorce), child custody/support, property and debt division, spousal maintenance, and annulments. We also handle juvenile law cases.

Matters in Juvenile Law

Juvenile law matters are any legal issues regarding children under eighteen.

Common cases our Scottsdale attorneys can help you resolve include:

  • Cases of juvenile delinquency or incorrigibility. If a juvenile is convicted, they’re vulnerable to penalties such as fines, restitution, probation, community service, and serving time in a juvenile detention facility.
  • Emancipation. When a youth receives the status and rights of a legal adult within the eyes of the law, they’re released from parental or a legal guardian’s oversight and granted autonomy.
  • Dependency. Filing for temporary, private dependency for an unemancipated child may be an option if the youth is in your care and their parents are unable to provide for them safely.
  • Adoption. The adoption process can be as stressful as it is exciting, and a qualified family lawyer can guide you through the multiple required steps.
  • Revocable and permanent guardianships. Revocable guardianships are temporary and last no more than six months as an emergency guardianship or until the youth turns eighteen. Permanent guardianships grant a family member or friend legal guardianship and decision-making power over the child for the foreseeable future.
  • Termination of parental rights. In some cases of adoption, such as when a step-parent, grandparent, or other family relative wishes to adopt the child, the prospective guardian must first request a biological parent to terminate their parental rights.

Scottsdale and Peoria Divorce and Family Law FAQs

The Valley Law Group is always willing to answer questions from current and prospective clients alike. We are proud to provide answers to clients at our new offices in Peoria and Scottsdale. Below are some of the questions we get most often.

How Is the Division of Assets Done in AZ?

The Arizona court system subscribes to the concept of community property, or marital property. This means assets and debts are considered jointly owned between spouses if acquired during the marriage. The court will consider any existing prenuptial/postnuptial agreements and will abide by what asset allocations the division terms state each spouse is entitled to.

All assets and debts considered to be jointly owned are required to be split equitably between the spouses. If a dispute arises regarding a property’s value or ownership, the court may order an appraisal or other valuation investigation so that the property division is as fair and equitable as possible.

Will I Get Alimony Payments From My Ex-Spouse?

Arizona law does offer alimony, or spousal maintenance, provisions that the court may choose to award within the divorce decree if one spouse is facing a significant reduction in their earning potential and lifestyle after divorce. The court will take several factors into consideration when deciding the length and amount of the alimony order, including the marriage’s duration, each spouse’s health, earning potential, and more. Permanent alimony is rarely granted and usually only if there’s a large income disparity in a long-term marriage.

What’s the Difference Between Getting a Divorce, an Annulment, and a Legal Separation?

A divorce is the legal dissolution of a couple’s marriage and all marital rights, while an annulment is a legal declaration that the marriage never existed to begin with as it was unlawful or one spouse deceived the other. An annulment must meet one of the specific grounds for annulment that the state accepts, which include one spouse being married at the time of the wedding, one spouse being unable to consent to the marriage due to intoxication or medical condition, incest, and more. By contrast, couples need not cite grounds for divorce. A legal separation recognizes that the spouses are still married but are living separately and wish to begin dividing their assets. Divorced couples are no longer married and must remarry to reverse the divorce process.

Arizona Family and Divorce Attorneys

The accomplished and experienced team of legal professionals at The Valley Law Group is dedicated to advocating on your behalf, with your goals and needs as the focus for all we do. We offer these client-focused family law services at our Phoenix and Gilbert offices and are excited to serve residents of Peoria and Scottsdale at our two new locations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our family law team.

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