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AZ Divorce Law

Arizona Divorce Law

Our law firm provides ancillary services, such as temporary court orders, modification to spousal maintenance payments, mediation, and child custody arrangements, to supplement or modify your case. When we serve as your legal team in Arizona divorce cases, we do whatever it takes to secure your family and achieve your goals. Divorce is a difficult step. Our team of compassionate legal professionals helps you obtain fair share of assets and custody so that you and your family can move forward. We pledge to reduce your stress through our time-tested methodology and customized legislative strategy.


Couples frequently seek annulment before continuing with a divorce. Annulments are also granted after long periods of marriage if one partner can prove that the other partner committed fraud or misrepresented his or her past when entering the marriage. It’s essential to have a lawyer if you’re considering an annulment.

Collaborative Divorce

In collaborative law, the parties agree from the beginning to focus on civility and respect for each other as they negotiate an agreement on issues including child custody and support, alimony, parenting time, and division of assets. Both parties also promise to exchange financial information before entering settlement talks.

Retirement Division

Retirement savings can be especially tricky to divide in divorce because these funds are typically inaccessible until a certain time. Many couples put their retirement savings into an account that is largely inaccessible until a certain time. Liquidating this account early could have financial consequences. The division of these funds must be made evenly and fairly if the couple has children.

High Net Worth / Asset Divorce

When the two parties involved in a divorce have significant assets, the case becomes complicated. The The Valley Law Group family law attorneys are highly skilled in evaluating the many factors surrounding divorces for high net worth couples and families. We obtain all joint holdings and tenaciously advocate for our clients, who receive their fair share during and after a divorce. Contact us for a consultation regarding your unique case.

Same-Sex Divorce

Arizona is a community property state, so all assets acquired during a marriage are divided equally in the case of divorce. This applies to both heterosexual and homosexual couples, although the division of assets can be complicated as a result of child custody and parental rights issues. Adoptions are common or children may be conceived through third-party reproduction methods. Arizona family law recognizes the parental rights of both parties in an LGBTQ divorce equally.

Property & Debt Division

Arizona is a community property state, so any property, assets, or debts acquired during a marriage will be considered community property. The only things not considered community properties are items or assets that either party owned before the marriage, acquired after the separation (or divorce, in some cases,) or inherited. While this may seem simple enough at first glance, it can quickly become complicated when emotional attachment and ongoing responsibilities come into play.


Divorce mediation is a process that gives divorcing couples the opportunity to resolve their conflicts outside of court, saving time and money. Mediation also allows divorcing couples to work out an agreement that meets both parties’ needs and protects the interests of any children involved. Mediation helps parties avoid litigation, which is all about the past, whereas mediation is about moving forward.

Order Enforcement

If you fail to satisfy your child support obligations, you may be subject to enforcement actions by the court. These actions may include jail time, suspension of professional license, or withholding tax refunds. Talk to us today if your ex-spouse has not met the terms of your divorce decree.

Spousal Maintenance

Divorce can be fraught with many difficult decisions including the issue of alimony. Alimony is a periodic payment made by a person who earns more income to a person who earns less. Alimony is designed to ensure that spouses who have sacrificed their professional or educational opportunities during the marriage do not suffer an economic disadvantage upon divorce.

Legal Separation

You can live separately from your spouse, through a process called legal separation, without getting divorced. You do not need a judge’s permission to live separately from your spouse. A separation agreement is a written contract between you and your spouse about important issues such as child custody and finances. Generally, the separation agreement remains in place until you reconcile or get divorced.
Appeals in AZ


After a final court ruling, you may be able to appeal your divorce, family, or juvenile law matter to a higher court. Appeals can be very difficult and include specific deadlines and legal processes that are distinct from lower courts. As such, it is vital to work with legal representation that has proven experience and knowledge in Arizona family law as well as the appellate process. Our family law attorneys bring over 30 years of experience to each case. We are skilled problem-solvers and legal tacticians. You can count on our firm to carefully review your case and make well-informed decisions regarding the appears process. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation.
Child Custody in AZ

Child Custody

Child custody litigation can be one of the most difficult aspects of divorce and separation. Properly preparing for any legal challenge is essential to protecting your parental rights and ensuring your child’s best interests. We use our years of experience and knowledge to develop a strong legal approach for each individual client.

Parenting Time

No one enters into a relationship with the intent of divorce, but it is important to be prepared for that possibility. This is especially true after a couple has children, as the custody and visitation arrangements can be some of the most contentious issues in a divorce. When faced with a divorce and children involved, it is important to understand how custody and parenting time in Arizona will be determined in your case.


Proving paternity can be done in several ways. DNA testing is the most common, typically implemented by either the mother or father. A mother seeking paternity results typically does so to obtain child support from the father; an unmarried father typically seeks it to establish his parental rights with the child or refute paternity when disputing responsibility for child support. Given the formal nature of these proceedings, utilizing a family law attorney trained in the law of paternity and custody is imperative to your success in this case.


If you are a noncustodial parent who wishes to relocate or will be relocating, it is vital for you to consult with an attorney before the move occurs. Relocation can cause a change in child custody arrangements that affect you and your child, so it is important that your attorney helps you reach a mutual agreement with the custodial parent in the best interest of the child.

Grandparents’/3rd Party Rights

In certain court proceedings involving child custody, a third party or non-parent may seek legal decision-making authority. To do so, the third party will need to establish that they have formed a significant relationship with the child and that this relationship existed for a substantial period of time. Although courts tend to favor parental rights over those of non-parents, and because the child’s safety is so important, these cases can be challenging to win.

Child support

Child Support

Our family law firm works closely with clients to provide efficient and effective legal representation. We understand that each case is different, so we take the time to listen closely to our client’s situation and goals and leverage years of expertise and talented litigation to achieve their optimal outcome.

The stakes are high in family law cases. We know that each case is unique, which is why we pay close attention to your situation and goals and take on your case as if it were our own. Our years of experience and talented litigation allow us to achieve optimal results for you and your child.

Establishing Child Support

Child support is a source of conflict and difficulty because it hinges on decisions about parenting time and custody. However, Arizona child support law requires a simple calculation of the incomes of each parent and the amount of time each parent spends with the child.

Child Support Calculation

The firm of The Valley Law Group can help you to ensure that court orders are in place for adequate child support payments and fair parenting time. We will prioritize your well-being and the welfare of your children. With our help, you can protect your family’s rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Modifying Child Support

In circumstances that necessitate a child support adjustment, it’s often necessary to seek the help of an experienced child support attorney. Modifications to the current child support agreement can be accomplished with the help of a qualified child support modification lawyer. In situations where there’s been a significant change in financial status or a relocation becomes necessary, you may be eligible for an adjustment to the current arrangement.

Enforcing Child Support

A child support order is a court-ordered set of instructions that ensure that a child’s needs are met after parents separate. Child support is intended to cover the costs of food, clothing, medical care, and other expenses related to the child’s wellbeing. Every parent in Arizona has the legal obligation to continue supporting a child after a marriage ends, even when they are not living with their children. The state enforces these orders because it views them as both a financial and legal responsibility.

Marital Agreements AZ

Marital Agreements

To avoid the burden of potentially litigious postnuptial fights, more people are looking to premarital agreements such as prenups that set out clear guidelines for how property, debts, and other assets are divided should a couple be forced to separate. Unlike in-court settlements, premarital agreements tend to be relatively straightforward when it comes to calculating each party’s fair share.

Most family law professionals say that marriage agreements such as prenups are on the rise, since more and more people are marrying later and later. Many see the wisdom in clarifying the division of assets, rather than leaving it up to the arbitrary rulings of the court.

Prenuptial Agreements

Arizona residents can use a prenuptial agreement to specify financial expectations of a marriage should the union dissolve. While prenuptial agreements are often considered cynical, our team is dedicated to helping Arizona couples plan for the future. We understand how important it is to protect yourself and your assets. We can help you create a valid agreement with an understanding of your specific needs and best practices in the area.

Postnuptial Agreements

Some couples see the need to draw up a postnuptial agreement if they are starting a new business or if one partner owes large amounts of debt. Unlike a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement is not governed by the Arizona Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. A couple seeking to create a postnuptial agreement must seek the legal expertise of a qualified attorney to ensure that their financial agreements are fully valid and enforceable.
Arizona Attorney for Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Orders of protection and injunctions against harassment are measures that can be taken in family court, when evidence of domestic violence is present in a marriage or cohabitation. They provide legal boundaries between parties, and can be important evidence during divorce or custody proceedings. It is advisable that whether you’re on the enforcing or receiving end of these orders, you consult closely with a lawyer to keep from hurting your chances for a favorable outcome later with divorce or custody proceedings.

Order of Protection

An Order of Protection, issued by a judge, can be a necessary measure when one is the victim of domestic violence. These orders of protection depend on one’s relationship to the assailant and are specially constructed to address your situation. Domestic violence can include many different aggressive and manipulative behaviors, including assault, threats, intimidation, crimes against children, illegal restraint, or custodial interference of a child.

Injunction Against Harassment

To obtain an injunction against harassment, there is no requirement that the victim and the defendant know each other or that there be a specific relationship between them. If you are the victim of harassment, threats, intimidation, assault, etc., then an injunction against harassment may enable you to restrict contact with the harasser. To secure an injunction against harassment for yourself and your family, you will want to enlist the services of a qualified Arizona attorney.

AZ Child Dependency

Juvenile Law

The practice of juvenile law is a nuanced and sensitive area of practice, as a child’s rights are closely tied to parental responsibility. The state’s juvenile code determines a child’s legal rights related to criminal proceedings, adoption, and other issues. Juvenile law specialists understand how to take care of juvenile law proceedings professionally and with exactness. We proudly advocate on behalf of children of all ages, ensuring that they have the resources and legal protections they need in order to thrive.

Our law firm provides legal representation to minors and youths through every stage of the juvenile justice system. Our juvenile law specialists are proud to advocate on behalf of children and youth, providing them with the resources and legal protections they need to thrive.


Arizona law does not require private legal representation for adoption, although in many cases, it can be helpful. Adoption law is complex and detailed, especially in contested adoption cases involving the opposition of one or more of the natural parents. To ensure the protection of adoptive parents’ rights and interests in such cases, it’s vital to have an experienced attorney.


The legal process by which a child’s parents are formally relieved of their duties can be difficult for the entire family, particularly if there are disputes as to the best interests of the child. A dependency trial may be required to resolve custody and support questions when children’s parents are divorced or otherwise legally separated, incarcerated, or deceased.


Arizona law states that an individual is not considered an adult until his or her 18th birthday. Until that time, parents or legal guardians are responsible for providing for the child’s basic needs. Minors can request to have their rights restored if they have proven themselves responsible and mature enough to handle adult responsibilities, including caring for themselves financially.


If you are involved in a guardianship case, you may need legal representation to ensure that your rights are respected and secure the right outcome for the person who needs protection and guardianship. The experienced attorneys at The Valley Law Group understand that every case is different. So we create your legal strategy after talking with you to determine your individual goals and situation.

Juvenile Delinquency or Incorrigibility

If parents fail to meet their responsibilities, they can be held accountable. Although children may exercise independence from their parents by not adhering to certain rules or by violating age-based restrictions, the Supreme Court has ruled that children must obey the law when it is clear that such behavior is against the law. For example, running away from home and smoking are both illegal acts in many states, and a child who does so can be tried for his or her actions.

Termination of Parental Rights

When determining parental rights under family law, courts are often forced to determine what will be in the best interest of a child. In some cases, termination of parental rights is necessary to provide the child with a new guardian or adoptive parents instead.

Our Team is ready to advocate for you

Our practice was founded on the core principles of professional integrity, client prioritization, and customized legal strategy. We believe that law practice is and should be a noble profession, and we proudly uphold a sterling reputation of trust with our clients. We understand that each person who walks through our door has unique needs and challenges. Therefore, we listen closely to your questions and concerns and tailor our strategy to meet your specific goals. Our team delivers world-class legal services to Arizonans in need through scrupulous attention to detail, time-tested best practices, and unfailing devotion to client service. Our award-winning attorneys understand that service begins and ends with them, and we are fortunate to enjoy positive, lasting relationships with our clients, both large and small. Contact us today and learn what a difference it makes to have the right people in your corner.


Carmen Segura
Carmen Segura
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Wonderful experience knowledge and responsive. Elda and Jonathan were helpful and responsive to all my questions and concerns . I was going to so much stress Elda was great responding to my emails it never took more than 24 hours to get a respond from her. I highly recommend Elda and Jonathan to all my friends and family.
Catherine Dolan
Catherine Dolan
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Thank you Jon for helping me with my case and making me feel comfortable during the proceedings. I appreciate the guidance you provided and legal recommendations so that I could result in the best possible outcome for my situation. I would have been very lost without your help!
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Hannah Ridinger
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I could not be happier with The Valley Law Group. My case was handled effectively and efficiently. I am very grateful for Cory Keith and the rest of the group. Thank you!
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Dan Palmer
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Simply put, Ryan is outstanding! ! I’ve used his services exclusively for the last 6+ years on multiple custody and visitation cases. After having gone through three less than transparent attorneys before Ryan, it was incredibly refreshing when I found him. He’s courteous, responsive and the utmost professional. Best of all, I feel that I can trust his advice explicitly. A true rarity in this industry! Bottom line: I wouldn’t consider even having a conversation with another attorney!
John Law
John Law
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Ryan did a good job especially considering I didn't have an attorney most of my divorce. I would recommend him, but get him onboard at the beginning not the end.
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The experience and information that was given to me was of great value. Very professional and with a personal touch. I greatly appreciate all their help. Thank you
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