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In Arizona, an individual is not considered an independent adult until they reach age 18. Until that time, the parents (or legal guardians) are responsible for providing for the child’s basic needs. However, some minors are ready to assume the responsibilities and independence of adulthood before that time and wish to terminate their legal relationship with their parents.

Teens who are 16 or 17 years of age can file a motion for emancipation in Arizona. If granted, the emancipated status will allow them to buy real estate, assume debts, obtain social services, handle their own medical records and permissions, and more. When filing for emancipation, they must also provide evidence to support the need for it, as this will permanently excuse the parents from any obligation to provide for the child. This evidence will need to be proof of one of the following conditions:

This Evidence will need to be proof of the one of the following

  • Teen has been living on their own for at least three months;
  • Teen must demonstrate why their family home is an unsafe environment from which they need to be removed;
  • Teen must have a notarized document signed by parents consenting to emancipation.

When determining whether to grant emancipation, the court will consider the teen’s criminal record, employment, and ability to provide for him or herself, the testimony or wishes of parents, family, and friends, and the maturity and perceived ability of the teen to handle the responsibilities of adulthood.

If you are planning to petition the court for emancipated status, call The Valley Law Group for a consultation. We can help the process go smoothly, even in complicated and unusual cases.

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Can I get emancipated without parental consent in Arizona?

Arizona allows those aged 16 or 17 to seek emancipation. A teen must be financially self-sufficient. Once emancipation is granted, parents are no longer required to provide the minor with basic needs. Other options include living with other family members.

What are the requirements to get emancipated in Arizona?

  • 16 or 17-year-olds may request to be emancipated and must appear in court
  • Proof the minor has been living on their own or that their home conditions are unsafe
  • Written consent that support the wish to be emancipated from parents/guardian
  • Those without written consent may pursue emancipation via mediation or social services

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