Celebrating The Grand Opening of The Valley Law Group’s Second Location in Gilbert

The Valley Law Group’s new Gilbert Office

The Valley Law Group has experienced unprecedented success, and we are proud to announce that we have expanded and opened our second location in Gilbert, Arizona. We look forward to providing the community of Gilbert and surrounding areas with superb family law representation. During a divorce or other family law proceedings, having a skilled lawyer knowledgeable in family law who is dedicated to the case ensures that your experience is a positive one. This is why we strive to provide seamless and straightforward family law representation for all clients, including those in Gilbert, AZ.

The new location is just the first step in the next chapter for The Valley Law Group, and we are excited to continue expanding within Arizona and beyond. With the opening of The Valley Law Group’s second location in Gilbert, our law firm can now serve a larger area within Arizona. The Valley Law Group staff will bring impeccable legal representation in family and divorce case proceedings to both Phoenix and Gilbert and the surrounding areas.

A Night to Remember

We are thrilled to announce that the grand opening event for The Valley Law Group Gilbert was an incredible success! This event was a large undertaking, and we are grateful to all who helped organize and facilitate the celebration. Opening our new location has been a monumental and exciting endeavor for The Valley Law Group East Valley, and our staff of attorneys and associates were pleased to welcome all our Gilbert clients.
It was a pleasure to introduce our team of talented attorneys and associates to the Gilbert community. We were also delighted to introduce our co-owner, Josh. Though he won’t be primarily located at the Gilbert office, he was in attendance for the grand opening with co-founders Jonathan and Ryan. All three owners are extremely excited to share the Gilbert Office grand opening event with you.

Opening Statements to Closing Remarks

To begin our evening, Jonathan gave a speech about the beginnings of The Valley Law Group and praised the work of the dedicated associates and staff. He credited the staff as the reason that the law group has flourished and achieved such success since its inception.

One of the comedic highlights of the night came next during the ribbon-cutting ceremony – or rather, the attempt to cut the ribbon. Our team of owners, armed with an oversized pair of scissors, readied themselves to cut the ribbon to the front doors of the office. However, to everyone’s surprise, the comically large scissors were not sufficient to complete this traditional ceremony. Ryan instead retrieved a pair of standard office scissors, and the trio was finally able to cut the ribbon and welcome everyone inside.

In addition to food, drinks, and dancing, a raffle was also held. Raffle prizes included everything from gift cards to local shops and venues around Gilbert to exclusive electronic items. The raffle allowed us to connect and network with local businesses in the Gilbert area and meet members of the community in one fell swoop. The money raised with the raffle ticket sales will be donated to a charitable organization to be announced at a later date.

Behind the Scenes of the Event

Behind the scenes of the partners cutting the ribbon in front of the Gilbert location.

Such a large event to celebrate the grand opening would not have been such a success without all the hardworking individuals who helped plan, organize, and prepare this fabulous bash. We were very fortunate to have worked with an exclusive event planning team who carefully planned each detail and were able to keep the event running smoothly all night long.

In addition to the event planning team, there were several vendors who contributed to making the event a success. From the festive balloon arch to the incredible band who kept the energy rolling all night long, our vendors truly delivered and transformed the parking lot into a great space for a party.

Catering and Bartenders

Two crucial elements to a great party are the food and drinks! Our catering company and bartenders made sure to keep our guests well-fed and enjoying themselves all night long.

We offered cocktail party-style dishes and passed small plates of appetizers. Our wise events planning crew had high tables scattered around the space, giving our guests the ability to view the entire party and network with other guests or disperse with their plates and mingle. This also gave our owners and staff a great opportunity to meet some important citizens from the Gilbert community and introduce themselves.

Live Band

Our live band really brought the house down with their performance throughout the event. They kept the attendees’ energy high by playing music to dance to but also provided perfect ambient music during food service and raffle announcements.

Balloon Maker

An ode to the fun of parties and prom nights from years gone by, our balloon maker provided a beautiful arch for our event. The balloon arch was set up behind the live band during the event to bring a fun element to the scenery of the night.

Videographer Team

Our talented video team was able to capture the wonderful night with interviews of several of our guests, who shared their perspectives of The Valley Law Group and the evening at hand. The video team also recorded Jonathan’s speech – and the classic ribbon cutting fail moment. We are excited to share their footage on our social media pages and website in the coming weeks.


Our amazing photographer captured some excellent shots of the evening’s moments and events. We are excited to continue to share these pictures via our social media and website pages. We hope that existing and future clients will gain a better insight into the cohesive team that awaits you when you choose The Valley Law Group for your family law case. Check out our Instagram to see some of the first shots of the party!

Event Planner

We’d like to make a final shout-out to our truly terrific event planner, who was able to bring dozens of elements together to make this event such a success.

Our Work

This event wasn’t just a celebration of opening our second office; it was a celebration of the impressive work that all our attorneys and staff members accomplish for our clients each and every day. As a family law firm, we truly are a family, and each person in the office contributes to our overall success. From receptionists to founding attorneys, every individual adds to the client’s experience and the successful progression of their case.

Family and divorce law can be one of the most challenging practice areas in law. Our staff of attorneys and associates truly take to heart that they’re not only assisting with legal matters, but they are also directly impacting people’s lives and the future of their families. That’s why our team works to ensure clients know that they are heard every step of the way. We are honored to expand within Arizona and begin to serve a larger community of people.

 Photo booth for Gilbert’s Grand Opening Celebration

Our Gratitude

We felt such support from everyone who was in attendance and are more than excited to continue to get to know our new Gilbert community. We’re so thankful to be a part of such a vibrant and exciting community. We aim to provide the best family and divorce law representation to all of our clients, whether previous, current, or new.

None of the work we do would be possible without the efforts of our outstanding team and staff. We thank them for all their past hard work and dedication to The Valley Law Group and for their continued support and excitement for the future.

An Exciting New Chapter for The Valley Law Group

Front Door decorated for the Grand Opening of The Valley Law Group Gilbert Location

This is just the beginning of a very momentous chapter in The Valley Law Group’s journey, but clients can expect the same impeccable representation and work from both The Valley Law Group locations. Of course, when you’re dealing with the complexities of family law cases, having an experienced attorney at your side is vital. As a result, we at The Valley Law Group strive to provide you with legal representation that allows you to be confident throughout the entire legal process.

The Valley Law Group Frequently Asked Questions

The Valley Law Group FAQs

Whether you were in attendance at our grand opening event or you’re a Gilbert resident just learning about The Valley Law Group, consider these answers to some common questions.

What Services Do The Valley Law Group Offices Offer?
The Valley Law Group provides a range of services related to Arizona family law, including divorce proceedings, child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), property division, prenuptial agreements, adoption, and domestic violence cases. Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about what we can do to help your case succeed.
How Do I Choose the Right Family and Divorce Law Firm?
When selecting a law firm, consider their experience, specialization in family law, success rates, client reviews, and the comfort level you feel during the initial consultation. You should feel confident that you can openly share pertinent information about your case with your legal team. It’s essential to find a firm like The Valley Law Group with lawyers who understand your needs and can advocate for you effectively.
What Are the Costs Associated with Hiring a Family and Divorce Law Firm?
Legal fees vary based on the complexity of the case, the reputation of the law firm, and the location. Some lawyers charge hourly rates, while others offer fixed fees for certain services. After the initial meeting with our clients, we provide a cost breakdown for the services requested and work with clients to ensure they can acquire the legal representation they require.
How Long Does the Divorce Process Usually Take?
The length of time needed to resolve a divorce case can vary significantly based on the complexity of the issues. This can include matters such as property division, child custody, and whether the divorce is uncontested or contested. A straightforward, uncontested divorce might take a few months, while a contested divorce with disputes can extend the process for a year or more. We work with our clients during the entire process and make sure they feel supported the entire time, no matter how long the proceedings take.
What Information Should I Bring to the Initial Consultation with a Family Law Firm?
It’s helpful to bring relevant documents, including medical records, financial records (bank statements, tax returns), any existing legal documents related to your family (such as prenuptial agreements), information about assets and debts, and any documentation related to children. This could include custody agreements or child support orders.
If you’d like more information about our new Gilbert location or our family law services, please contact us today.

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