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How You Can Make A Difference During Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The month is meant to provide a voice for those suffering from domestic violence, as well as raise awareness of the devastating issues that arise in its wake. Domestic violence has caused severe, lifelong, emotional and physical harm to millions of people across the nation. Correcting and preventing […]

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Written by on September 27, 2022

Stages of Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse in any form is a highly serious issue that impacts all members of the family. If you are on the receiving end of spousal abuse, you do not have to endure years of trauma in your marriage. It is always best to reach out to experienced social service and legal professionals who have the tools to get you to safety and guide you through the process of filing for divorce and orders of protection (sometimes referred to as a “restraining orders”). 

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Written by on June 15, 2022