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Find The Best Child Custody Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

Divorce and separation are not easy issues to deal with. When children are involved, it can be extremely stressful and overwhelming to search for a child custody lawyer in addition to the ongoing divorce process. Knowing what to look for in a child custody lawyer is important, and can help relieve the stress you may […]

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Written by on September 15, 2022

5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Lawyer During the First Consultation

It is especially important to know what questions you should ask an Arizona divorce attorney when you meet for the first time. This helps you get the most out of your consultation and ensures that you are comfortable moving forward with this attorney. Below are key questions to ask your attorney during your divorce consultation: What […]

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Written by on September 14, 2022

Considering a Gray Divorce in Arizona

Deciding to pursue a divorce is never easy. Divorce means you’ll face significant life changes, including changes in your living arrangements, finances, and your relationships with friends and family. However, you’ll likely experience an additional layer of complication if you’re seeking a divorce later in life.

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Written by on March 29, 2022

Does a Child Have a Say in an AZ Divorce?

A divorce is an already intimidating process that can become even more daunting when children are involved. Because the separation of parents includes a variety of complicated decisions that can affect the child, from dividing assets to determining a child’s custody, it’s crucial to take the child’s voice into consideration through all of it. A child’s physical and emotional health needs to be one of the top priorities in any divorce involving a custody battle. This leaves many parents wondering if there is a legal age their child can make a custody decision here in Arizona.

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Written by on February 21, 2022

Books on Divorce: Preparing for the Next Chapter of Your Life

Table of Contents Best Divorce Self-Help Books What Are the Five Stages of Divorce? How Should I Prepare for Divorce? There are a lot of changes ahead. These changes don’t have to be negative. When it comes to the topic of divorce, there are numerous beneficial books for every step of the process. Whether you […]

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Written by on January 26, 2022

Reasons for divorce in Arizona

Nowadays, divorce has become a typical process. You hear about it all around you, on TV, even when talking with friends or even family. Or maybe you are in the middle of a divorce process. This fact should not surprise us considering that in 2019, the divorce rate in America was over 46%, Arizona being […]

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Written by on June 29, 2021

Dealing with the Stress of Divorce

Dealing with the Stress of Divorce Going through a divorce or dealing with a contentious custody dispute can be one of the most emotional and stressful experiences for anyone. This stress affects not only the parties to the case but those living with them, as well. Certain tips can help when it comes to coping […]

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Written by on April 1, 2021

How Does Domestic Abuse Affect Child Custody

Divorce and child custody fights can happen in a variety of relationship types. Sometimes the relationship can be decent, but people need to go their separate ways. Other times, the couple splitting up might be less amicable. Specifically, there could be abuse, whether violent or otherwise. Also, the presence of domestic abuse complicates divorce and […]

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Written by on March 24, 2021